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Consistent quality

Certified services to ensure the health and development of the animals..

Wide variety

Large range of products to meet the market needs.


Appropriate infrastructure and continuous development.


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The company

  The company «CHRISTOFOROS DASKALAKIS S.A.» was founded in 1986 by Christopher E. Daskalaki and his wife Sofia Daskalaki. Purpose of the Company was and still is the supply of raw and auxiliary materials for packaging, but mainly for the production of compound feed.

Company philosophy

  The philosophy which based and supports our company is the production of compount feed which will support the rational nutrition (a balanced diet with the lowest cost) of all types and all categories of livestock animals.
Our aim is the optimized production of quality livestock products.

How our company maintains its philosophy

1.Development of high level of cooperation with farmers - customers. Creation of open communication corridors with them.
2.Application of the most recent scientific data on the feeding of animal production and processes.
3.Scientific support of the cooperating farmers - customers at all levels. These processes enable the production of feed, which is tailored to the needs of livestock holdings and other market demands.
4.Continuous modernization of the storage sites, buildings and machinery of the company for the production of high quality feeds at the lowest possible cost.
5.Safe transportation and delivery of feed to customers with all necessary and appropriate means of transport.
6.Promoting and supporting the modernization of the cooperating farms, which helps optimize the production of quality livestock products.
7.Developing integrated nutrition programs based on the characteristics of production and supporting the production of high quality products, tailored to the requirements of legislation and consumers.